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About us

Welcome to the NHS Wales App

The NHS Wales App is a simple and secure way for you to access a range of services on your mobile devices or a web browser.

You can:

  • book and cancel appointments
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • amend personal details

Depending on your GP practice settings, you can also view your Summary Care Records and full Detailed Coded Records.

What is the aim of the NHS Wales App?

The aim is to increase people‚Äôs involvement in the management of their health and wellbeing to enable more positive health and social care outcomes for the people of Wales. The vision for the programme is wider than just providing an App. 

The vision for the Programme is to establish a core platform of services to support the federated development of Digital Services by multiple parties for the people of Wales. In parallel, service delivery partners (such as Health Boards, Trusts and Unitary Authorities) will continue to drive the local change agenda with service transformation and new care delivery models, enabled by new Digital Services.

Initially these Digital Services will relate almost entirely to using technology to allow patients to interact with the NHS but over time will be extended to the support of interactions between citizens and social care, private health care and the third sector. Eventually, the vision allows for this support for digital interactions to extend to supporting citizens engaging with general health, fitness and wellbeing activities, well beyond the traditional health and social care boundaries.

The App is run and managed by Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW)