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NHS Wales App terms of use

1. Who we are

1.1.  We are Digital Health and Care Wales. We provide digital services to NHS Wales and have developed the NHS Wales App.

1.2.  The NHS Wales App enables you to access medical record, appointment, prescription ordering and related services, relating to your care by NHS Wales.

1.3.  If you would like to know more about us, or need help and support for the NHS Wales App, please contact us at

1.4.  We don’t provide your medical care, clinical services, test results or prescriptions, and if you have questions about those services, you must contact your GP or NHS Wales Local Health Board.

1.5.  We will use the details you gave when registering for the NHS Wales App to contact you about any questions you raise with us.

1.6.  Where we use bold text for words in this document, that indicates that the paragraph in which the bold text appears defines those words.

2. These terms

2.1.  These terms apply to your use of the NHS Wales App and the services it provides.

2.2.  You accept these terms when you register for the NHS Wales App and when you use it.

2.3.  These terms also include our privacy policy and our cookies policy.

2.4.  We may amend these terms, for example to describe changes in the services or for changes in the law. The latest version of these terms is always accessible through the NHS Wales App.

3. Using the NHS Wales App

3.1.  You need to be registered with a GP in Wales in order to use the NHS Wales App.

3.2.  The NHS Wales App only provides services in relation to care provided by NHS Wales.

3.3.  You must be at least 16 years of age to use the NHS Wales App.

3.4.  It is important that you follow the security measures described in the NHS Wales App.

3.5.  You need an internet connection to use the NHS Wales App. We are not responsible for difficulties accessing the NHS Wales App caused by internet connection issues.

3.6.  We may suspend or change the NHS Wales App at any time, and we don’t guarantee that it will always be available. You shouldn’t rely on the NHS Wales App as your only source of information about your care or to contact NHS Wales or your GP.

3.7.  The NHS Wales App is for you, and only to use in relation to your healthcare. You must not allow anyone else to use it, unless they are someone you trust who is helping you with your healthcare. You are responsible for that person’s use of the NHS Wales App and you shouldn’t share your login and password information with them.

3.8.  If you think someone else has your login and password information for the NHS Wales App, you should change your password details using our support page.

3.9.  There are some technical requirements for the NHS Wales App to work properly. 

4. Updates to the NHS Wales App

4.1.  You might need to update the NHS Wales App in order to continue using it.

4.2.  If you do not install updates for the NHS Wales App or for your smartphone, you might not be able to use all its services.

5. The services

5.1.  Where your GP allows, you can:

  • make appointments with your GP using the NHS Wales App
  • order repeat prescriptions for medications your GP has prescribed

5.2.  The NHS Wales App may allow you to access other information services provided by other NHS Wales bodies or which NHS Wales organises for you. These services may be subject to other terms and privacy policies. Please read those terms and policies as they apply to your access to those other information services.

6. Information you provide and provided by the app

6.1.  For the NHS Wales App to help you, you must provide accurate information to it.

6.2.  The NHS Wales App does not replace your doctor or other healthcare professional and you should follow the medical advice that they give you.

6.3.  The NHS Wales App may provide information to help you with your treatment or conditions but does not tell you what your treatment should be (medical services) or what your condition is (diagnostic services).

6.4.  The NHS Wales App provides information from NHS Wales and other sources and does not replace the knowledge and guidance you receive from your GP or healthcare professional.

6.5.  Where the NHS Wales App provides you with access to your medical records, technology limitations mean that this access may not be complete. There may be important matters in your medical records that the NHS Wales App does not display.

7. Stopping use of the NHS Wales App

7.1.  You may stop using the NHS Wales App whenever you like.

7.2.  We may stop you using the NHS Wales App if you do not follow these terms. We will tell you if we do this and give you a chance to put things right, if what you have done can be put right.

7.3.  The NHS Wales App may not work fully if your GP changes the way their systems work.

7.4.  If we stop you using the NHS Wales App:

  • you must stop all activities authorised by these terms
  • you may have to ask our consent before you start using the NHS Wales App again
  • any personal data which we hold about you will be dealt with in accordance with our data retention policy, which is set out in our privacy policy
  • all rights granted to you under these terms end
  • we will stop providing you with access to the NHS Wales App

8. The technology supporting the NHS Wales Wales App

8.1.  We either own or have the right to use the technology and intellectual property rights supporting the NHS Wales App. We give you permission to use those rights for the use of the NHS Wales App as described in these terms.

8.2.  We do not give you any other rights to use the NHS Wales App.

8.3.  Your rights to use the NHS Wales App are personal to you and only for the purposes set out in these terms. 

8.4.  Unless permitted by law or under these terms, you will:

  • not copy the NHS Wales App
  • not permit anyone else to use the NHS Wales App
  • not modify the NHS Wales App

9. Things you cannot do with the NHS Wales App

9.1.  You may not, when you use the NHS Wales App:

  • transmit any material that is defamatory, offensive or otherwise objectionable
  • collect any data from systems that the NHS Wales App connects with
  • decode any dataflows enabled by the NHS Wales App
  • use the app in such a way that could disable or interfere with our security systems
  • interfere with other users’ use of the NHS Wales App
  • use the app for criminal or unlawful purposes
  • “hack” or seek unauthorised access to our systems
  • send viruses or other software or code designed to adversely affect our systems

10.   Our liability to you

10.1.  We provide the NHS Wales App using our reasonable efforts as described in these terms. We can’t offer any guarantee to you that the NHS Wales App will always be accurate, will meet your particular needs or will always be available.

10.2.  Where the NHS Wales App offers access to other information services, the bodes that provide those services are responsible to you for them.

10.3.  These terms do not limit our liability to you for personal injury or death caused by our negligence, fraud, or damage caused to your device or digital content which is our fault and which we have not used reasonable skill and care to prevent.

10.4.  We are not responsible for loss or damage:

  • not caused by our negligence or breach of these terms
  • caused by inability to access the NHS Wales App
  • which is a business loss
  • which is not an obvious consequence of our breach of these terms

10.5.  These terms do not affect any legal rights you may have as a consumer in relation to defective services or software. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.


11.1.  These terms are the only terms on which we make the NHS Wales App available.

11.2.  These terms only give rights to you and not to anyone else.

11.3.  If we decide not to enforce these terms at any particular time, this does not stop us enforcing them later.

11.4.  These terms are subject to the laws of England and Wales.